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Customize Huge Lifesize Pillow Pillowcase Body Pillow Throw Pillow Personalized Photo Gifts

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These Life-size Pillows are huge!

Turn anything you want into a custom shaped Life-size Pillow that we hand make! This is the perfect gift for all out for that special celebration! Just upload any photo to create endless possibilities! 

An old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words. We say they’re worth even more when given to a cherished someone. Photos can commemorate a special experience or person, and they can serve as a fun visual reminder of past good times. It's the holiday season, so spread these remembered joys with those you love.

❤ How To Send Image To Us ❤

You can upload your picture , double side is same photo.

Important Note: Please ensure photo is more than 1500 px. The clearer the picture, the better the effect will be. Photos of your pet sitting or standing with nothing blocking any part of their body looks best with these pillows.

❤ Size for Customized Pillow is based on the longest side of the photo, and depends on the size you purchased. Short side is based on the size of the photo provided.

Dimension Approx:

  • 47''-120cm
  • 59''-150cm
  • 63''-160cm
  • 67''-170cm

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality Customized please follow the below:

1. Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos
2. Make sure the face isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing
3. Don’t use photos really dark or far away
4. The better quality the image, the better quality the Customized Pillow